At SOLLEN, sustainable furniture is a well thought out furniture, well produced And designed to withstand to daily life. Our designer furniture is refined and timeless, made in France, in New Aquitaine with materials chosen with particular attention:

  • PEFC certified wood, from sustainably managed forests
  • A fabric called “wool pellet” recycled 100% labeled GRS, Global Recycled Standard.

But to go further, we made a strong choice: let ECO IMPACT, an external and independent organization, note the environmental and social impacts of our products.

Why eco-rate SOLLEN furniture?

This assessment is part of our responsibility policy:

  • Transparency : to enable you to make informed choices.
  • Continuous improvement : to enable us to identify our priority areas for improvement.
  • Fight greenwashing : to validate our actions and our values and thus leave no room for misleading communication.

How does the Eco Impact rating of our products work?

The Eco Impact rating is based on a Life Cycle Analysis (complete study of all parts of the furniture, from the extraction of the raw materials that compose it to their end of life, including manufacturing, transport, etc.) but by integrating demanding qualitative criteria in addition to the social conditions of manufacturing. We'll let you discover how it works in less than a minute:

If you would like to know more, go to the Eco Impact website for more details on the methodology.

The rating of our products by Eco Impact, what are our results?

NUAGE collection – (armchair + footstool, bench and daybed) oak finish, white loop wool

Following an assessment carried out by Eco Impact™ based on the principles of Life Cycle Analysis, our NUAGE COLLECTION in oak finish obtained a grade of B on a scale of A to E.

The STRONG POINTS of the NUAGE collection – oak finish


  • The oak veneered birch plywood, PEFC certified, represents between 45% and 61% of the total mass of the product and benefits from low impact factors.
  • The selected recycled fabric represents between 11% and 12% of the total mass of the product and benefits from lower than average impact factors.


  • European sourcing of 100 % raw materials.
  • The entire subcontracting chain, in France, which makes it possible to limit the impact of production transport, compared to comparable products.


  • Quality cabinetmaking products – Valued durability
  • Product 100 % separable and removable for recycling. Upholstered part 100 % dedicated to energy recovery & Solid wood intended for recycling at 83 % and energy recovery for 17% in the conventional end-of-life sector.

This rating highlights our eco-design work, real proof of our transparency and commitment to the environment.

Find the details of the ratings for each product on the last photo of the product.

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