Meet the Future of Design: Tech Eden Brille at Maison&Objet 2024

Exploring the Future at Maison&Objet 2024: 30 years of innovation

In 2024, Maison&Objet, the prestigious show dedicated to design and decoration, celebrates its 30th anniversary with a burst of creativity. This landmark edition will witness the harmonious fusion between technology and nature with the captivating theme of “Tech Eden”.

A dive into Tech Eden

The living room transforms into a futuristic oasis where innovation and nature meet. Tech Eden, this year's visionary theme, promises immersion in reinvented spaces. The idea is to create environments where nature, in diverse forms, coexists with technology, paving the way for a new and sustainable aesthetic.

Maison&Objet through the ages

Since its first edition 30 years ago, Maison&Objet has evolved into a global platform that highlights emerging trends, creative talents and groundbreaking innovations. The show has established itself as the essential place for design enthusiasts, sector professionals and lovers of beautiful things.

Tech Eden: A natural and technological harmony

Reinvented spaces, where the presence of nature is felt in a tangible or even digital way, offer a unique immersive experience. Wood rubs shoulders with metal, vegetation mixes with technological elements, creating an innovative balance between the natural and the digital.

Innovation at Maison&Objet

Tech Eden is not just about a futuristic aesthetic, it also embodies a commitment to sustainability. Exhibitors will showcase innovative designs that rethink how technology can coexist harmoniously with our environment.

Matthieu Lehanneur: creative brilliance at Maison&Objet

Matthieu Lehanneur, visionary designer, will be the star of Maison&Objet 2024, bringing his creative genius through creations that merge art and functionality. Recognized for his distinct artistic signature and innovative approach, Lehanneur will present his latest innovations, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design. His participation promises an unexpected exploration of artistic concepts, offering visitors an immersion in his creative universe. The event offers a rare opportunity to meet Lehanneur in person, discovering the inspirations that fuel his unique creations. Don't miss this unmissable event at Maison&Objet 2024 to redefine your perspective of contemporary design with Matthieu Lehanneur.

Meeting the future

Maison&Objet 2024, with its Tech Eden theme, offers a unique opportunity to explore the future of design and decoration. It is a celebration of three decades of inspiration, innovation and transformation. As a visitor, immerse yourself in this world where design becomes an immersive experience, pushing the boundaries of imagination and redefining our conception of the future.

Whether you are an industry professional or a design enthusiast, Maison&Objet 2024 promises a captivating adventure in the heart of Tech Eden, where each object tells a story of creativity and evolution. Prepare to be dazzled by innovation and inspired for decades to come. Welcome to the future of design, welcome to Maison&Objet 2024!

SOLLEN, innovations and new products at Maison&Objet 2024

Be ready to be amazed because SOLLEN will be present at the Maison&Objet 2024 show to unveil its brand new indoor and outdoor creations. Immerse yourself in a universe where aesthetics and innovation merge to redefine the contemporary design landscape. Come discover the future with SOLLEN at Maison&Objet 2024!

We look forward to seeing you in Hall 6 TODAY, stand L45 from January 18 to 22, 2024!

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