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For daily maintenance, we advise you to dry clean the wooden structure of your chair.




Composition : 
100% fabric made from recycled material: 94% recycled polyester, and 6% recycled cotton.

Interview : 
Not resistant to bleaching or chlorine.
Cold iron (110°), no steam.
Authorized products: perchlorethylene, hydrocarbons.

Cleaning : 
Easy spot cleaning.

Any excess residue should be cleaned immediately, using a damp cloth.
Then clean the stain with a sponge and water (possibly mild soap, or Marseille soap)
Then let the fabric dry naturally.

We advise you to first test the detergents on a small, non-visible area.

Do not try to remove embedded dirt, as this could cause damage to the pile of the fabric.

All solvent-based stains (cigar, ink, lipstick, nail polish, etc.) must be treated by a professional.



Vacuum your chair regularly, without applying too much pressure to avoid leaving marks on the velvet, which remains a fragile covering. You can also use a special textile brush. 

The use of water should be avoided on velvet. Likewise, do not resort to steam cleaning, it could damage your velvet armchair. If you use water, use it in small doses, sparingly, and do not soak your chair, as this risks leaving marks on it.

If you use a water-based technique to clean a velvet chair, you can dry it using a hairdryer. Be careful, you will need to send cold air and not hot air!

Depending on the direction of the hair, marks are inevitable.

Take action on your tasks as soon as possible to prevent them from getting stuck.

Clean your velvet armchair completely to standardize the surface of your sofa, and avoid differences in color, halos or anything else.

Always test the chosen method on an inconspicuous part of the sofa (for example on the back). If the solution works, repeat it on the stains and then on your entire sofa.

🌿 At SOLLEN, the warranty lasts for the entire life of your chair.
In the event of irreversible damage to the fabric of your furniture, SOLLEN offers you the possibility of completely renewing the upholstery. You will then need to contact us in order to set up the conditions for returning and modifying the fabric. We invite you to look at the new colors available, and contact us by clicking here. 

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