Slow Decoration:
why succumb to this trend?

Slow decoration, this new expression taken from English at the forefront of trends. Obviously, no worries for non-bilinguals, we easily understand what this expression means. But although it is quite transparent, do you really know what is hidden behind these words, and this trend?
Another marketing trend, or a real commitment, we tell you more in this article.

Slow decoration favors ethics and the environment. 

To preserve the environment, slow decoration promotes quality raw materials from France or from Europe, using the short circuits
The use of renewable resources is essential in order to create of the products sustainable and recyclable. In the ethical aspect, the importance of respect for nature is one thing but respecting the conditions in which the object was manufactured is another. 

Slow decoration also means unique and artisanal pieces.

The concept of unique piece is just as important. Working for the environment reassures us for our future, but a furniture for life must be unique. These pieces of furniture are such that they are also often considered works of art in the eyes of their owners. The manufacturing of these unique pieces can sometimes take a long time, but what is the wait worth when you know that this piece will last through our generations. The often long manufacturing lead times are also often due to companies' desire not to overstock.
And then, what would be the joy of obtaining a so-called unique piece, if it has been stored for weeks in a warehouse and not created only for us, tailor-made.
Unique piece, artisanal piece, durable piece, all adjectives that often justify a high price. Indeed, this uniqueness has a cost, arising from a certain quality, artisanal know-how combined with local manufacturing. But this cost is also a commitment, a long-term investment.

Mostly handcrafted or finished, traditional techniques give a special charm to the final piece. Slow decoration considers the human being behind all the stages of making the object or furniture.

Slow decoration, between simplicity and purity.

The bias of slow decoration is a clean interior.
We bet everything on coins minimalists, At thoughtful design so that they fit best in interiors over time. 

For this, objects and furniture waver between simple shapes And natural colors : characteristics in which the feeling of well-being, sensation sought after on a daily basis.

Slow decoration is designed to accompany you through time and the seasons. Each piece is designed to be passed down from generation to generation. 

To summarize, slow decoration allows you to review your way of decorating your interior. A decoration without fuss, refined and minimalist. But above all, a thoughtful decoration through the choice of the type of manufacturing and materials. It is a real commitment to respecting nature and a long-term investment. 

And you, have you already adopted slow decoration? 

I join the community of design lovers.

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