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Lounge chair

Height : 120 cm
Width : 72 cm
Depth : 82 cm

The RACINE armchair, like a sculpture in the middle of a room, stands on its own. Imposing, this real throne, majestic and protective, ensures, despite its appearance, a real comfort of sitting and a perfect support of the back.

Its curved look provides a sense of privacy to enjoy relaxing moments in a peaceful haven.

Its base rooted in the ground gives the chair a warm and natural look. Its natural materials, neutral tones and minimalist design make the RACINE armchair a true work of art that will warm up your living room.

Location of production: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.
Designer : Arthur GARRIGOS

Discover it on

Paris 19-23 January 2023


Location of production: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

Discover it on

Paris 19-23 January 2023


Location of production: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

Generosity and Comfort

All our chairs have been designed to provide, in addition to a unique aesthetic, an excellent seating comfort and an ergonomic seating adapted to relaxation.

We use high resilience foams 35 kg/m³ and 25kg/m³.


The entire collection is manufactured by French craftsmen within a 200 km radius of Bordeaux.


The pieces in the collection are available in oak and walnut finishes.


We use high quality soft velvet printed in solid colors or patterns. The renderings are neat, precise and infinite.

We also accept customer fabrics for a perfect customization of your projects.

A word from our designers

“The Racine chair draws its original and elegant form from natural and organic influences. Firmly anchored in its environment by its personality, it unfolds into an airy and light silhouette, like the root that comes to life and transforms.”

Designer graduated from design school, director of the Garrigos Design agency and project manager. He founded his global design agency in 1994.

Didier Garrigos

Designer graduated from a design school. After having been a designer in Paris, in a company and then as a freelancer, he joins Garrigos Design agency in 2019.

Arthur Garrigos

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