Slow tourism, a new way to travel without pressure.

The concept of slow tourism or slow travel was first introduced in 1999. That year, four mayors of small towns in Tuscany decided to found the Cittaslow label (“slow town” in Italian) to guarantee the development of the territory and a gentle itinerary. Inspired by the slow food movement, the concept of Slow Tourism has existed for many years, but it is since the recent unprecedented event well known to all, that it has taken off.

Slow decoration: why succumb to this trend?

The slow decoration, this new expression taken from the English at the top of the trends. Of course, no worries for the non-bilinguals, it is easy to understand what this expression means. But even though it’s pretty transparent, do you really know what’s behind those words, and that trend? Another marketing trend, or a real commitment, we tell you more in this article…